Prestigique | The exquisite drive

Join Prestigique, an exclusive driving experience with your preferred classic car. Indulge yourself, your partner and your friends with Europe’s best hotels, finest cuisine and the best driving experience with a limited number of selected participants. Throughout Prestigique you and your car will be treated as a VIP.



Flag Schotland
DRIVE 1 - Where golf is born


DRIVE 2 – the land of great whisky


DRIVE 3 – the mystery of Nessie


DRIVE 4 – beautiful nature



Have you ever dreamed of touring the great roadways of Scotland in your vintage car with others who share your passion?
Prestigique brings you the opportunity to experience road travel like never before with exclusive five-day guided rallies. Each tour day includes breathtaking destinations, world-class dining experiences, and luxury accommodations. Enjoy at a leisurely or exhilarating pace – your choice.

Our drives lead you to hidden locations and provide exclusive experiences not available to the general public.

A vip treatment for
you and your car

Depending on your itinerary, you may enjoy overnight accommodations at an exquisite golf estate, a historic mansion or an iconic castle.

Don’t worry about your beloved car. It will be collected and transported to Edinburgh in a closed truck on the Sunday prior to your departure.
Your car will be polished and washed every morning of your trip. Our highly trained mechanics will be on hand to resolve any mechanical issues on the spot.
In the event a mechanical problem cannot be resolved during your tour, we will provide you with a replacement car, so your journey continues uninterrupted.

The luxury of being

Every itinerary is thoughtfully arranged yet casual enough to allow for surprising detours. And with your vintage car you already know and love,
you’ll see Europe like never before with others who share your appreciation for the finer things in life, driving in unison or on your own.

The selected routes are suitable for any type of car, and every morning we convene a short pilot briefing for your convenience.
We review the day’s drive and provide you with a GPS, as well as your own personal and richly-illustrated Prestigique Travel Journal highlighting fascinating and historical facts. There’s room for you to jot down your own impressions, making this a travel journal that will certainly become a cherished souvenir.

We cover approximately 250 kilometres a day, which you can drive at your own pace. The mapped-out routes guide you to beautiful lakes and a surprising coastal route, breathtakingly mountain vistas and rarely visited towns and hamlets. The region’s most acclaimed restaurants await your arrival for lunch and dinner.

What makes
prestigique unique?

Every morning a GPS device will be handed to you fully loaded with the route of the day personalized with your own points of interests.
You'll have the choice of strictly following the mapped-out routes or just go at your own pace and take the time to make surprising detours.
Each day you receive your own personal and richly illustrated Prestigique Travel Journal that highlights the day's important interesting and historical facts & specialties.
You even have the space to note some of your own impressions during the travel, so your Travel Journal will become a cherished souvenir.
Travelling with Prestigique means that you don't have to worry about a thing.
Everything is punctually organised:
  • · Transportation of your car in a closed truck to & from Edinbrugh
  • · Private chartered air travel from & to Edinburgh
  • · Luxurious transfers to & from Edinburgh
  • · Complete hospitality package for 2 persons – only 5 star hotel accommodations (or equal) & exquisite wine and dine facilities.
  • · Services and car-assistance – security surveillance + support crew
  • · The Prestigique Travel Journal at each drive.
Your car can be polished and washed every morning.
You can count on our highly trained staff to help you with any mechanical issue.
Your journey continues uninterrupted even if your car broke down.
Every day you'll be traveling in a different atmosphere and nature.
Each drive has its privileged secrets, carefully selected at Prestigique level.
Every car lover can join a Prestigique drive. Prestigique allows you to chose your beloved exclusive historic vehicle, whether a fast racing car or a unique one-of-a-kind vintage car.
A maximum of 25 cars are allowed on each drive because Prestigique is all about quality not quantity.
You'll be able to travel in unison or on your own, surrounded with people who share your appreciation for the finer things in life.